First Step in Selling your Security Alarm Company: Hire a Broker

Whether you are selling your alarm security  company or selling your security alarm accounts, there are a lot of variables to consider.  Are you ready to retire or change industries?  Are you hoping to profit from your accomplishments while remaining in your business?  Or perhaps you’re experiencing drastic changes in your circumstances that require a quick exit strategy?  Whatever your situation, Legacy Consulting can provide you with many advantages, and connect you with security alarm company buyers that provide a custom fit for your needs.  Some of these advantages may include:

  • Uncompromising Discretion and Confidentiality
  • Highly Competitive Multiples
  • Favorable Terms and Conditions
  • Maximum Cash Distribution or Structured Payments to Minimize Tax Obligations
  • Expedited or Scheduled Closings Based Upon Your Exit Strategy
  • Special Buyer Programs Allowing You to Liquidate and Continue Operating
  • Keeping Your Business Name the Same After Selling
  • Undisclosed Ownership Transfer In the Eyes of Customers and Competitors

We can assure you the best buyer for your security alarm company based on your individual needs.  For some, a private investment group would present you with the most comprehensive offer.  For others, the continued goodwill and care of your customers would make a family-owned business a better fit for your security alarm company.  Some security alarm business buyers even offer programs purchasing your assets upfront and allowing you to stay in business, earning additional money AFTER the sale.  Whatever your expectations and individual needs may be, Legacy Consulting can help you meet them.

Experienced Security Alarm Business Brokers

With our extensive security alarm company broker experience, confidential relationships, and exclusive marketing techniques, we will provide you with the highest price and most qualified alarm company buyers.  All of our brokers have personally founded, bought and sold security alarm companies themselves and been in the security alarm industry for their entire career.  They have personal experience from all sides of this industry and will guide you through each step during the complex sale of your security alarm business. We will professionally handle all of your negotiations while preparing and keeping you well-informed through this entire process.

This may be the first and only time you will ever sell your security alarm company.  Most buyers have extensive experience in this area and know how to get the best deal for themselves.  Having a Legacy Consulting security alarm company broker represent your sale will immediately give you the advantage of decades of experience to negotiate the best terms for you.