"Kathy and Ron Gilbert provided transcription service for our group of family practice doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in Portland Oregon for many years. They were more than transcriptionists.  They were high quality professionals who were able to aid us in many ways. 

The service I remember the best was when we asked for their help in improving our writing skills, to make our notes more succinct. Kathy gave me a lesson in writing that I put to good use and have never forgotten.  I'm sure it saved me countless hours and made notes more readable for everyone else. I certainly see colleagues now who could use that talented help.
The Gilberts were always available, always prompt, even when we had urgent situations. I am grateful to them for their professionalism, their skill level, their willingness to give us constructive ideas, and their dedication to excellent service."

Bonnie Reagan, MD, retired physician, Portland Family Practice
Peter Reagan, MD, Portland Family Practice
(Portland, Oregon)


"Kathy, your transcription service has saved so much physician time in our office.  We used Dragon Naturally Speaking for over a year, hoping to save on transcription costs.  But the time it took to use was simply not cost effective.  Your transcription service turned out to be a real deal and sanity saver for our physician! 

And the quality is unparalleled.  We love how you "fix" minor grammar errors and make the reports read like real English, adding to the professional appearance of our services to referring physicians.  Not only does Dragon fall far short of this quality result, but so does every other transcription service we have ever used or seen in other physician reports.
 And, what do you know??? It ended up being cheaper than we thought it was going to be.  I wish we hadn't waited a year.  I highly recommend Gilbert Transcription to any physician's office."

Sarah Hurty, Business Manager, Willamette Heart
(McMinnville, Oregon)


"We have been sending our dictation to Gilbert Transcription since at least 1998 and have no intention of changing to another service in the foreseeable future.  We value their prompt turn-around time, which often exceeds the agreed-upon 24 hours, their attention to accuracy, and their excellent skills when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

We chose to include them in the training process when we switched from paper charts to an electronic system and are happy we did so.  Although our physicians now have the choice of using Dragon and/or typing their own notes, many of them have chosen to continue dictating for various reasons, and the Gilberts have become adept at logging into our system remotely and entering their transcription into our electronic charts as a seamless part of our process. 

We also appreciate the small size of their company; when we call it is always Kathy or Ron who answers the phone, and we have found them to be willing and able to make changes to adapt to our changing transcription needs.  They interact extremely well with our in-house staff and seem like an integral part of our team.  Our business relationship has been a long and satisfactory one, and we recommend them highly."

Sally Sparling, CEO, Northwest Cardiovascular Institute LLC
(Portland, Oregon)


"We are a subspecialty office, and I feel that our dictation reflects the level of quality that we need to have our referring physicians see, and I am extremely pleased with the product that we receive from Gilbert Transcription in that it is extremely accurate.  It is very clear that a lot of attention to detail goes into each dictation that we do, and we get back an extremely polished product. 

We have very nice communication back and forth, so if there is a question as to what was spoken on the dictation, or perhaps I misspoke and there needs to be clarification as to the accuracy of the dictation, that gets done, and that is critical. 
 I am also very pleased with the timely manner in which our dictations are turned around and have been very, very pleased when I compare this type of dictation service and product to several other dictation services I have used in the past.  I feel one of the ways an outside physician may assess the type of care I am providing is how my patient charts look, and I have never found the accuracy level of what we have now, which really I would say just borders on perfection.  I have been extremely pleased with their product and would highly recommend Gilbert Transcription to anybody out there in practice."

A. Wayne Hurty, MD, Willamette Heart
(McMinnville, Oregon)


"Gilbert Transcription did transcription for us starting in the 1980s and worked for us for many years.  Their work was always prompt and always accurate.  They were dependable, and we were always happy with the work they did for our neurological office.  We would be happy to recommend them to do your transcription work."

Robert A. Rosenbaum, MD
(Portland, Oregon)